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Water Treatment and Filtration

Project Overview Control and Power Systems provides a wide assortment of standard and custom water…
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Ground Water Remediation

Project Overview Control and Power Systems partnered with a NJ environmental remediation company to design…
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Gold Mine Water Treatment

Project Overview Project Background A gold mine in South America produces dangerous chemicals that could…
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Liquid Delivery Skid

Project Overview A globally known manufacturer requires that their chemical formulation be delivered to a…
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ION Seperation

Project Overview An international chemical manufacturer made a decision to improve their PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) product…
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High Temperature Process

Project Overview A high temperature process system was developed by CPS to fluidize a granular…
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High Purity Skid

Project Overview A major semiconductor manufacturer needed to scale up a pilot operation to full…
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SCADA Integrator

Project Overview The worldwide need for alternative energy sources to produce biodiesel fuel and ethanol…
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High Pressure Injection Skid

Project Overview A major utility company maintains 24 Pratt & Whitney FT4-A9 and 16 FT4-A11…
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Process Skids

Project Overview Global biologics and pharmaceutical companies rely on CPS to design and build centrifuge…
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Fully automated WFI distribution system

Project Overview CPS developed and delivered a fully functioning and tested automation solution utilized in…
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PAT Process Analytical Technology

Project Overview A major pharma company had a corporate directive to implement PAT for the…
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Precipitation Pharmaceutical Skid

Project Overview CPS was awarded a contract to design and build two precision liquid blending…
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Tank Farm Automation

Project Overview Switching 1300 IO points over to a new PLC system in less than…
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Beverage Skid

Project Overview The need for a mobile testing unit was requested by a customer so…
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Food Oil Recovery

Project Overview Extracting oil from vegetable or animal grease/fat residue provides an alternative fuel source.…
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Super Skid

Project Overview A flavors and fragrance manufacturer required a multivessel process to manufacture products that…
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Process Plant

Project Overview A food and flavors manufacturer needed to expand their production capacity within a…
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Wireless Process Network

Project Overview A manufacturer wanted to integrate several new flexible and portable independent pieces of…
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Custom Pick and Place Machine

Project Overview A specialty metals manufacturer asked CPS to develop a solution to eliminate some…
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Trolley Loader Unloader

Trolley Loader/Unloader

Project Overview Global health organizations around the world want to be prepared for the any…
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Semiconductor HVAC

Project Overview Over the past two decades CPS has designed and installed hundreds of HVAC…
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HVAC Control PLC

Project Overview Over the past two decades CPS has designed and installed hundreds of HVAC…
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GMP Powder Process Skid

Project Overview Some API is too dry for tablet pressing after granulation so CPS was…
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S88 Batch Solutions

Project Overview A Lab Scale Up project to advance the development of new pharmaceutical drugs…
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